Bee House
Swim House
  이름 T.Mel
  소개 Teacher. Mel

  이름 T. Sha
  소개 Teacher. Sha

  이름 T. Ivi
  소개 Teacher. Ivi

  이름 T. Carl
  소개 Teacher. Carl

  이름 T. Gen
  소개 Teacher. Gen

  이름 Bell
  소개 Teacher. Bell

  이름 Bebeth
  소개 She is a teacher, Bebeth.

  이름 leng
  소개 모든 선생님들의 대모역활을 하시고 계시는 왕선생님(Head Teacher)

She reminds me of my mother.

Presently the Head Teacher of this academy where she'd worked for 5 yrs.,
she is everybody's "confidante", counselor, and friend.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, she also holds a
masteral degree in Educational Administra.

Teacher Leng is one of the nicest persons I've known here at GLEFI. Someone
you could talk to about almost anything. She's one good hearted woman. Her
leadership has helped the School go beyond where other language centers
has never gone.

I want to run to her when i want an advice!

  이름 anne
  소개 Did you see that copper skin? She's the bomb! I mean, cute and sexy... no
kidding... If you want to make sure that no one is lying, go to the school's
office and look for our secretary and she will greet you with the warmth that
can make any ice cream.

To say that Anne is a kind person would be too mild. I'd have to say she's too
kind. And she will offer you anything she's eating. She will even greet you
anytime, any day, any moment that she sees you.

She's not only a "lovely and charming" sexy-tary but a very accommodating
person as well.

  이름 clare
  소개 Clare is our healthy and cute Accountant. Always smiling even when she's
tired. She's the eternal optimist and a very good finance handler for everyone.
With Clare around, there won't be any chaos or pandemonium in our school's
Administrative Office!

I find her as a good person and dedicated to her job as well, as an accountant
she has been proven herself that she can do her best. I like her coz even
though in busy time of working all day she kept on smiling that's ate
clare...sensible to talk with.

Soft-spoken,approachable & gentle, Ms. Clare is the very able Finance Officer
of the academy. She is always ready to lend a helping hand. She finished
Banking and Finance but can be a teacher as well.

Money matters? no more problem! just dial C-L-A-R-E... Hello banker... deal or
no deal???

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